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Welcome to our online store!

Zanussi ZCV69360XA Electric cooker


  • SIZE : 60CM
  • HEIGHT : 900 mm
  • WIDTH : 600 mm
  • DEPTH : 600 mm


The Zanussi Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob sounds like a great kitchen appliance that offers a range of features to make cooking simpler and more efficient. It comes equipped with an AirFry oven that provides a healthier alternative to oil frying, ensuring that your food is perfectly fried and crunchy without the need for turning it over.

Additionally, the PlusSteam function on this multifunction cooker allows you to add the right amount of steam at the beginning of the baking process, which helps to make the color more golden and the crust crispier. This means that you can get better baking results with minimal effort.

The oven also features a special catalytic lining that absorbs grease before burning it up at high temperatures, making it easy to keep it clean. Furthermore, the double oven allows for effective fan cooking, ensuring that heat is evenly distributed throughout the lower cavity for completely even-cooking.

Finally, the larger baking tray that comes with this cooker is 25% larger than the standard size, providing added capacity for those occasions when you need to cook for visiting family or friends. Overall, the Zanussi Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob seems like a great choice for anyone who values efficiency, convenience, and reliability in their kitchen appliances.


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