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Zanussi 59cm Touch Control Electric Ceramic Hob ZHRN643K


  • 15 power-level digital display
  • Wipe clean ceramic hob surface
  • Residual heat indicators: This safety feature visually indicates when residual heat is left on the hob surface.
  • Child safety control lock: To maximize kitchen safety, this lock can be activated to prevent the hob from being turned on accidentally.
  • 99-minute timer with acoustic signal
  • Easy to reach front controls

The Zanussi 59cm Touch Control Electric Ceramic Hob with the document number ZHRN643K is a great addition to any kitchen for several reasons. One of the most significant benefits of this hob is its smooth ceramic surface that is incredibly easy to clean. You can quickly wipe it down with a damp cloth once it has cooled down, and you don’t need any specialist equipment.

Moreover, the OvalZone design of this hob ensures that you have enough space for any pan, no matter how large or uniquely shaped it is. The hob’s touch controls allow you to specify cooking levels, set timers, and adjust temperatures with ease. The touch controls are embedded directly into the hob’s glass, making it easy to manage and control the hob’s various functions.

The hob’s residual heat indicators are another safety feature that clearly shows if the hob is still warm after you have finished cooking. This feature ensures that you remain safe in the kitchen and avoid accidental burns.

The hob also features a timer function that prevents overcooking. When the timer you have set runs out, the hob will automatically switch off the heat. The timer can be set to a maximum limit of 1.5 hours, which means that even if you are concentrating on a few different things at once, your meal will be ready when you are.

Other features of this hob include a 15 power level digital display, a child safety control lock that can be activated to prevent the hob from being turned on accidentally, and easy-to-reach front controls. 

In summary, the Zanussi 59cm Touch Control Electric Ceramic Hob is a great choice for anyone looking for a hob that is easy to clean, provides ample space for cooking, and comes with a range of safety features. Its touch controls, residual heat indicators, timer function, and child safety control lock make it a practical and safe option for any kitchen.

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