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Fisher & Paykel WM1490P2 9Kg Freestanding Washing Machine with Steam Care

With 13 different cycles, this Steam Care front loader has advanced wash functions with SmartDrive™ technology

  • Refresh, revive and dewrinkle garments using the 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle
  • Save time or maximise energy efficiency and reduce water usage with the Optimise Wash option
  • Add a Garment function allows you to add items of any size mid cycle
  • Delivers a quiet, reliable wash with its unique cushion drum design powered by SmartDrive™ technology
Height 850mm
Width 600mm
Depth 645mm
“When you’re in a rush, you can make use of the Quick Wash feature to quickly clean your clothes that are either new or lightly dirty. For clothing that has been in storage for a while , consider using the Steam Refresh option. This 20-minute cycle eliminates odours and softens wrinkles using steam. And if you’re worried about washing your delicate wool sweater, you can trust the Woolmark guarantee and the Wool cycle.The WM1490P2 washing machine comes with a start delay setting that allows you to customise your wash cycle even more. You can delay the end of your wash cycle by up to 12 hours to ensure that your clothes are ready when you need them. Additionally, you can choose from Speed, Eco, or Quiet mode to optimise your wash.This washer was designed with extra features to meet your needs. It can wash up to 9 kg of laundry at 1400 rpm, making it suitable for households of all sizes. You can also add an item of any size to the wash in the middle of the cycle, which is great if you forget to add something.Thanks to SmartDrive technology and a direct drive motor, this washing machine is gentle, quiet, and effective in cleaning your clothes. It has fewer moving parts, which means better fabric care.The WM1490P2 is easy to use with its dial, buttons, and built-in display. It also comes with a child lock to prevent any accidental setting changes by curious little hands.”

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