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Welcome to our online store!

Bosch 60CM Fully Integrated Dishwasher SMV6ZCX01G


  • Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
  • PerfectDry based on Zeolith technology: perfect drying results with less energy usage even on difficult to dry dishes.
  • Glass protection: for gentle care of your glasses and delicate dishes.
  • Favourite function: personalized function by just one touch even for downloaded programs.
  • TimeLight: program status and remaining time clearly displayed on floor in high resolution.

This dishwasher is equipped with a range of features that ensure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned and dried each time.

One of the standout features of this dishwasher is PerfectDry. Utilizing natural mineral Zeolith, this technology guarantees that your dishes are always perfectly dry. During the cleaning phase, Zeolith absorbs humidity, and during the drying phase, it releases warm, dry air, resulting in cupboard-ready dishes that require less energy. This feature is particularly useful for plastic dishes, which can sometimes come out wet in other dishwashers.

The Favourite function is another fantastic feature of the Bosch 60CM Fully Integrated Dishwasher SMV6ZCX01G. This function allows you to set up your most frequently used programs and options as your favorite combination, making it quick and easy to start your dishwasher with a single touch. You may program your favorite setting through the Home Connect app (available on select models) or directly on the display. For example, you can combine the Extra Dry option with the Eco 50° Program and start the dishwasher with just one touch. This feature saves you time and makes your life more convenient.

TimeLight is another excellent feature of this dishwasher. With TimeLight, you’ll know that your dishwasher is in operation, and the time remaining is displayed on the floor. Additionally, the current progress of operation is shown. This feature is especially beneficial if you like to keep an eye on your dishwasher while it’s running.

Loading the dishwasher is made easy with the flexible baskets and retractable VarioDrawer. The VarioDrawer is the ideal spot for storing cutlery and smaller kitchen utensils, such as ladles or whisks. The cutlery basket in the lower basket can be replaced with the VarioDrawer to provide capacity for up to 14 place settings for 60cm dishwashers and 10 place settings for 45 cm dishwashers. The triple Rackmatic system enables you to adjust the height of the top basket even when it’s fully loaded, providing you with more room to clean your glasses and cutlery.

Thanks to the EcoSilence Drive, the Bosch 60CM Fully Integrated Dishwasher SMV6ZCX01G is also incredibly quiet, with a noise level of only 44 dB. This feature guarantees high-performance cleaning with low noise emissions. The brushless, energy-saving motor optimally reduces friction noise, resulting in a much smoother and quieter operation. Now you can enjoy a home that is as quiet as it is clean.

The DosageAssist ensures optimal cleaning results and a quieter wash. The detergent drops out of the detergent dispenser and into a unique tray on the top basket, where it gets fully dissolved. This feature guarantees that your dishes come out clean every time.

Finally, the Automatic programs adjust water usage, temperature, and rinse time to suit the level of soiling. This feature delivers the best results while saving water and energy, making it an eco-friendly option.

To sum it up, the Bosch 60CM Fully Integrated Dishwasher SMV6ZCX01G is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance dishwasher with convenient features to make their life easier.

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