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Welcome to our online store!

Zanussi – 55CM Electric Cooker – ZCV46250WA




This large-capacity oven is specially designed to cook several different dishes at once, taking all the stress out of preparing a meal.

Because You’ve Got Better Things to do than Clean Your Hob

Thanks to the ultra-smooth, homogenous surface of this ceramic hob, you can cook quickly, clean even faster and then get out of the kitchen and on with your evening.

The Effortless Way to a Clean Oven

You can keep this oven clean with doing hardly any cleaning. Its special catalytic lining absorbs grease before burning it up at high temperatures.

Get Twice the Cooking Capacity with Two Oven Cavities

Let’s face it in the kitchen, you don’t always have the luxury of being able to do things one at a time. Luckily, with two oven cavities, you can easily bake and grill simultaneously getting your meal onto the table much faster.

Everything Evenly Cooked

Get evenly-cooked meals every time with Zanussi. The built-in fan distributes air around the oven cavity for precise coverage. Everything emerges as it should. No more partly-cooked or overdone bits. Just great food that’s always ready for the table.

Minute Minder Feature

Leave the cooking to your oven while you get on with life. This minute minder lets you know as soon as dinner is ready to be served.

Product Features:
  • Grid runners
  • Interior light in main oven
  • Triple glazed door in the top oven and double glazed door on the bottom oven

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