Welcome to our online store!
Welcome to our online store!

Whirlpool 60cm Induction Hob WSQ2160NE


  • Standard sized 4 zone electric hob
  • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
  • Clever sensors adjust settings to cook food perfectly
  • Boost mode provides a powerful burst of heat

The Whirlpool 60CM 4 Zone Built-In Induction Hob WSQ2160NE is an elegant and functional addition to any modern kitchen. This hob features 4 induction rings that heat the pan, not the hob, providing perfect cooking results while reducing energy dispersion.

The Keep Warm function is a low-powered feature that prevents your food from cooling, while the rest of the meal is being prepared. The Melting function allows you to cook at very low temperatures, making it the ideal solution for melting chocolate, butter, or for cooking light and delicate sauces. The Simmering function allows you to obtain perfect results for your slow-cooking recipes, preventing your food from toughening.

The Filo Design of this integrated cooktop makes cleaning easier than ever before. The induction technology of this hob heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10% and providing faster and energy-efficient cooking. With the 3Kw booster, you can enjoy ideal results faster, and the Power Management function allows you to set the hob’s power level, avoiding the risk of overloading the power supply in your home.

In summary, the Whirlpool 60CM 4 Zone Built-In Induction Hob WSQ2160NE is a must-have for anyone who wants a hob that is elegant and functional, while also providing excellent cooking results and energy efficiency.

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