Welcome to our online store!
Welcome to our online store!

TCL Non Plumbed Water Dispenser Side By Side Fridge Freezer Dark Silver RP503SSF0UK


  • Inverter Compressor
  • Multi Air Flow
  • Total No Frost
  • Water Dispenser
  • Touch Screen With Digital Display
  • Power Freeze
  • Power Cool
  • Smart Mode
  • Non plumbed water dispenser (container fill)

The TCL Non Plumbed Water Dispenser Side By Side Fridge Freezer Dark Silver RP503SSF0UK is an appliance that offers a range of features to keep your food fresh and organized. The Inverter Compressor operates linearly and continuously adjusts its speed, ensuring better temperature stability inside the refrigerator for better preservation of the food. The Multi Air Flow feature distributes cold air evenly at each level of food storage, guaranteeing better food preservation.

The Total No Frost feature ensures that the temperature is more uniform in the refrigerator and the freezer does not frost, providing optimal conservation, energy savings, and ease of use. The Non Plumbed Water Dispenser (Container Fill) allows you to fill the water reserve located in the counter door to benefit from fresh water at any time of the day. The Touch Screen with Digital Display is easy to use and adjust thanks to the digital display on the front panel, allowing for precise temperature adjustment for each compartment.

The Power Freeze function allows you to quickly find the optimum freezing temperature, while the Power Cool function quickly returns to an optimal refrigeration temperature. The Smart Mode is a feature that allows your refrigerator to speed up the refrigeration or freezing of food after opening the doors for a long time. The appliance’s electronics detect variations in temperature and humidity, and immediately regulate the production of cold to restore the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer as quickly as possible, so that food can be stored in optimum conditions.

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