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Welcome to our online store!

Sharp 20 Litre Microwave Silver R272SLM


  • 800 W microwave output power
  • Touch control operation
  • 11 microwave power levels
  • 20 L oven capacity
  • Eight auto cook / defrost functions
  • Turntable size 25.5cm
  • Child lock function

The Sharp 20 Litre Solo Microwave Silver R272SLM is a great addition to any kitchen, with a sleek design that complements any décor. This microwave has an impressive 800 W output power along with 11 microwave power levels, ideal for heating up soups, pies, and jacket potatoes. The eight auto cook/defrost functions make it easy to cook your favourite meals, while the 20 L oven capacity provides ample space for your large dishes.

Additionally, the microwave comes with up to 24 pre-set settings installed, making cooking at the touch of a button possible. The kitchen timer function allows you to keep track of your cooking and baking, while the microwave power of up to 800W ensures that you get your meals ready in no time.

This model also features up to 11 microwave power settings that can be combined with three cooking stages, giving you the flexibility to customize your cooking experience to suit your needs. The auto minute start feature makes one-touch microwaving power possible, while the time and weight defrost option makes thawing food a breeze.

The Sharp 20 Litre Solo Microwave Silver R272SLM has a 20 litre capacity and a turntable size of 25.5cm, providing ample space for your dishes. The LED digital display, clock, and timer make it easy to check the progress of your dish at a glance. Additionally, the microwave also features a child lock for added safety.

Overall, this microwave is a great value model, designed with all the quality features that you would expect from such a popular brand. It offers a range of features to make cooking and defrosting your meals quick and easy, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen.

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