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RangeMaster – 90CM Professional Duel Fuel – PROP90FXDFFSSCH

Professional+ FX has an internationally patented divider panel, which splits the oven cavity in two, giving you the choice of either a huge 108 litres of cooking space or a highly practical 49 litre oven.

This beautifully engineered range cooker is a Rangemaster through and through.

SINGLE CAVITY Innovative technology allows you to quickly convert the enormous oven offered by the Professional+ FX into a much smaller cavity using the Energy Saving Panel (ESP), making it ideal for preparing smaller meals and saving you money.

When in smaller oven mode, the remaining oven space can be used as a handy plate warming area prior to serving, using residual heat.

Key Features:

  • ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency
  • Multifunction oven offers defrost, fan oven, fanned grilling, fan-assisted oven, conventional oven, browning element and base heat in both full oven and divided mode
  • Large, single triple-glazed door for easy viewing and reduced kitchen temperatures
  • Single-piece hotplate with five burners, each fitted with FSDs (Flame Supervision Devices)
  • Storage drawer large enough to fit your Energy Saving Panel and all the oven furniture when not in use
  • Full-width and half-width shelves provided
  • Dual grill pan system offers safe grilling across full or half-oven width
  • Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust

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