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Welcome to our online store!

Rangemaster Nexus cooker

The NEXUS range cooker from Rangemaster is a high-performing appliance that boasts a sleek and modern design. Its dual fuel or induction design is perfect for contemporary high-gloss kitchens or open-plan schemes. The NEXUS offers a range of features that distinguishes it from other models, making it unique to the range. The rotary controls are made from diamond-turned aluminum for durability and are designed to provide a firm grip thanks to their rubberized ‘o ring’ design. The color palette is simple but sophisticated, with options including Black, Slate, White, Stainless Steel, or Charcoal Black. The brushed chrome trim further enhances the on-trend look of the appliance.

The NEXUS range cooker also features distinctive elements such as the deluxe multi-zoned hotplate, which is now available in the new range. The robust sit-on semi-gloss finished cast iron pan supports are ideal for flexible cooking and enhance the streamlined look of the appliance. The NEXUS 110cm even includes a unique bread proving drawer, making it a standout feature in the range cooker market. The drawer enables a controlled, warm environment for perfect dough proving and is operated by a simple on-off switch. It has slots in the base that allow warm air to flow in and create a perfect proving environment.

In addition to its stylish design, the NEXUS range cooker is also highly functional. It comes in two widths and two fuel types, making it perfect for creating a focal point within your kitchen. The appliance has a Rangemaster branded plinth, Steadfast pan supports, and Catch-rite door catch, all of which are unique to Rangemaster and add to the high-quality finish and durable design of the product. If you’re interested in purchasing the NEXUS range cooker or any other Rangemaster cookers, please call 0949022877 for the best price. Please note that the lead time on Rangemaster cookers is six to eight weeks.

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