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Welcome to our online store!

RangeMaster – 110CM Nexus Range Duel Fuel – NEX110DFFSL/C

Top features:

– Combines traditional and contemporary in style and performance

– Two large ovens to cook everything at once

– Glide-out grill makes it easy to check on the food

– Handy proving drawer for making bread or storing utensils

– Smooth control with simple dials

Combines traditional and contemporary Enjoy traditional-style cookery in a modern format with the Rangemaster Nexus NEX110DFFSL/C 110 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker. It’s sleek design has all the features you need to tackle any recipe or cooking situation.

The deluxe hob offers five gas burners and two electric ceramic plates, so you can fit more pots and pans on the hob at once, whilst keeping food warm or cooking gently on the auxiliary surfaces. A wok cradle lets you use larger cookware for authentic Asian-style cooking, and there’s a griddle that’s great for meat and vegetables.

Multi zone cooking lets you choose between two ceramic 1.1 kW cooking zones, or you can place a durable non-stick griddle plate over the top to provide a healthy cooking surface. Cast iron pan supports offer excellent durability and keep your cookware securely in place. You can get cooking in no time with automatic ignition, with the gas hobs offer rapid, easily adjustable heat.

Two large ovens

The Nexus Range Cooker comes with two electric oven cavities that are just the thing for all your baking, roasting and heating needs.

Each oven uses a fan for even heating and faster, more accurate cooking. You can combine this with the heating elements in various ways to achieve different effects and enjoy heightened control in the kitchen.

A defrost function helps you to carefully and completely thaws frozen food for better cooking, saving you the hassle of having to wait for food to defrost naturally.

The main oven features a Handyrack – a clever tray which is attached to the oven door, so the roasting tray comes out when you open the cavity. You can see just how your roast dinner is progressing, and you won’t suffer scorched hands anymore.

Glide-out grill

Telescopic runners allow the grill on the Nexus 110 to smoothly move in and out of the cooker. This makes checking your food so much simpler, and there’s less risk of overextending the grill and spilling its contents.

A deeper grill pan and four-way trivet allow you to prepare meat, vegetables, fish and more in a healthy, delicious way – or add colour and texture as a finishing touch to sweet and savoury dishes.

Handy proving drawer

The Nexus 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker offers a unique bread proving drawer, which can also be used to store your essential utensils. Activating the proving function means the drawer maintains a steady 40-degree temperature that’s ideal for making bread or just warming plates.

Smooth control

With its rotary controls, the Nexus 110 is so easy to operate no matter how complicated the recipe might be. The three-button timer allows you to set start times so that meals are cooked in keeping with your busy schedule.

In the ovens, catalytic liners absorb grease and other cooking mess, oxidising it at high temperatures so that you can easily wipe down the appliance and keep it clean without hassle.

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