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Welcome to our online store!

NEFF – Built in Double Oven – U1ACE2HGOB Graphite


  • Multifunctional oven — Choose from lots of programmes
  • Easy Clean option – Uses vapour to soften grease
  • HotAir – A fan evenly distributes heat to every shelf
  • Circotherm® – Uses fans to evenly distribute heat
  • Dimensions (cm) H88.8 x W59.4 x D55


The NEFF Built-in double oven in Graphite Grey is a great addition to any kitchen. Specifically, the U1ACE2HGOB model has some amazing features that make cooking and baking a breeze. One of the best features is the CircoTherm® function, which allows you to bake on up to three levels at once. This means that you can cook multiple dishes evenly and quickly, without worrying about any flavor transfer. The high-speed airflow moves heat evenly throughout the oven, ensuring that every dish is cooked to perfection. Whether you’re baking cookies, roasting a sumptuous meal, or making a fruit crumble, the CircoTherm® function ensures that every dish is baked with care.

Another great feature of this oven is the EasyClean function, which provides uncomplicated, energy-saving cleaning of the oven interior. With Easy Clean, you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing your oven to make it shine. Instead, you just need to add a drop of detergent to 400ml of water, pour onto the bottom of the oven, and activate. The mixture of heat and water softens any cake batter, fruit crumbles, or splatters from that chicken roast, making them easy to wipe off with no effort. The EasyClean function is exclusively for the big cavity, making it easy to clean the interior of the oven whenever you need to.

The LCD-display is another great feature of this oven, which is simple, straightforward, and has large characters for clear reading. You can easily set an alarm, check the time remaining, and adjust the temperature with total precision to ensure perfectly cooked dishes. Plus, the removable rails make it really easy to get your food in and out of the oven. The rails are telescopic, which means that the baking tray will fully slide out so you can reach what’s inside. And, because they’re easy to remove, you can make room for that tasty pasta bake on any shelf. With an energy efficiency rating of A, a main oven cavity capacity of 71L, and a secondary oven cavity capacity of 34L, this NEFF  Double Oven is an unsung hero of the kitchen that will make cooking a breeze.

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