Welcome to our online store!
Welcome to our online store!



  • 10kg drum capacity – great for large households
  • Speedy 30 minute quick wash programme
  • Sensors weigh each load to save water and energy
  • Gentle programme for delicate woollen items
  • Dimensions (cm) – H85 x W59.5 x D60.5



If you’re looking for a powerful and efficient washing machine, the Indesit BWE 101685X W UK N Freestanding 10kg washing machine in White might be just what you need. With its impressive 10kg capacity and 1600rpm spin speed, it can handle even the largest loads of laundry with ease. And with a range of dedicated programs for different types of clothing, you can be sure that your clothes are getting the best treatment possible.

One of the standout features of this machine is the Push&Go program. All you need to do is press and hold the blue button for 2 seconds to start a 45-minute cycle at 30°C. This is a great option for when you need to quickly wash a load of clothes and don’t want to spend time selecting the right program.

In addition to the Push&Go program, the Indesit BWE 101685X W UK N also has a range of Everyday Eco programs for your regular wash cycles. These programs are tailored for daily cotton, synthetic, colors, and delicate washes. And if you need to freshen up a lightly soiled garment, there’s even a Rapid 30 Minute cycle that can do the job.

One of the most resource-conscious features of this machine is the Water Balance Plus technology. This automatically adapts the amount of water used according to each cycle’s needs, reducing wastage and helping you save money on your bills.

If you have hard-wearing denims or sportswear that need special care, the Indesit BWE 101685X W UK N has dedicated cycles to deep clean and restore vibrancy. There’s even a cycle just for your trainers, which removes odors and marks to give your shoes a new lease of life.

Using the machine is easy thanks to the big digital display, and the Delay Timer gives you the option of scheduling the wash up to 24 hours into the future at a more convenient time. Overall, the Indesit BWE 101685X W UK N is a versatile and efficient washing machine that can handle all of your laundry needs.

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