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Hoover – 55cm Freestanding Fridge Freezer – HCF5172XK


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op features:

– Stylish design with a 163 litres fridge to fit all your weekly shop

– Frost Free system helps eliminate the formation of ice in freezer

– Numerous storage options to keep your fridge looking tidy

– Transparent freezer drawers makes it easy to see what you have in

Stylish design

The Hoover HCF5172XK 50/50 Fridge Freezer is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Featuring a stylish design, the inox stainless steel finish will compliment all environments no matter how modern or classic the kitchen.

With a 163 litre fridge and 71 litre freezer capacity, you’ll be able to fit in your family weekly shop and still have room for all your naughty treats like that bar of chocolate you’ve been saving all week.

Frost Free system

The build-up of ice in a freezer can be a chore. It means you’ll have to spend extra time maintaining your freezer. Thanks to Hoover’s Frost-Free system, the appliance helps to eliminate excess ice and keep it looking new with little to no maintenance.

Numerous storage options

To make things easier, the HCF5172XKhas numerous storage options. Store all your fruit and veg in the salad crisper, use the wine rack for when guests are over and make use of the door balconies to store your milk, juice, eggs and more. This means you put all the rest of your food on the main shelves.

Transparent freezer drawers

Transparent freezer drawers make it easy for you to see what you have stored inside, saving you time rummaging for your favourite frozen bits and giving you more time getting creative in the kitchen.

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