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Welcome to our online store!

Haier American Fridge Freezer Iconic Black HTF610DSN7


  • Switch Zone – Compartment can be fridge or Freezer
  • Backlight to offer bright illuminated interior
  • UV Antibacerial Treatment
  • Humidity Zone to keep food fresh
  • Dimensions (cm) – H190 x W90.8 x D73.8

The Haier American Fridge Freezer Iconic Black HTF610DSN7 is a stunning appliance that offers both style and functionality and is fitted with Haier’s revolutionary Fresher Techs® to ensure your groceries are kept fresh for longer. With Haier’s F Class Refrigerators, you can save energy, improve performance efficiency, and respect the environment.

One of the standout features of the Haier fridge is its surround lighting system. The Daylight LED system illuminates every corner of every shelf, making it easier to find food items, especially those that are used less often. The brighter light also makes organizing your fridge an easier task, thanks to the vastly improved visibility. What’s more, the LED light is soft and friendly to the eyes, thanks to the clever progressive lighting system.

The Switch Zone is a unique and ultra-flexible compartment that can operate as a refrigerator or a freezer. You can regulate the area temperature from -20°C to +5°C according to your needs. This means you have an extra fridge or freezer whenever you need it, giving you more space to store your food items.

Haier’s Humidity Zone drawer keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to two times longer. This is made possible by HCS (Humidity Control System) technology, which uses a plant fiber membrane to keep moisture levels at 90% within the compartment. The precisely maintained humidity levels prevent any condensed water from forming inside the drawer, preserving the nutritional content of your groceries for longer. The Dry Zone is the perfect place to store dairy, aged cheeses, cured meats, and items that are particularly sensitive to humidity.

Haier’s exclusive ABT® anti-bacterial treatment reduces the amount of bacteria in your refrigerator’s airflow, preserving your food’s flavors and increasing its storage life. The reduction of cross-contamination of food helps to maintain their original flavors, thus improving hygiene within the refrigerator and protecting your health.

The Haier refrigerator comes with a digital touch screen that allows you to control the conditions inside your refrigerator without opening the door. Thanks to this useful feature, you can set the temperature of the fridge and freezer independently with a simple touch. Haier’s highly innovative Total No Frost technology cleverly prevents the formation of frost in your fridge-freezer, making maintenance a breeze.

Overall, the Haier American Fridge Freezer Iconic Black HTF610DSN7 is a luxurious and innovative appliance that offers convenience, style, and durability, making it an ideal addition to any modern kitchen.

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