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  • Total net volume 569L
  • Volume freezer 152L
  • Volume refrigerator 417L
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Bottle chill
  • LED lighting
  • Depth 695mm
  • Height 1790mm
  • Width 900mm

If you’re on the hunt for a fridge that’s both stylish and practical, the Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUB6 French-Door Fridge-Freezer in Black Steel is definitely worth considering. With a generous capacity of 569L, you’ll have plenty of space to store all your groceries and keep them neatly organized. The fridge also features flexible storage options, making it easy to customize the space to suit your needs.

One of the standout features of this fridge build in water dispenser. This means that you’ll always have access to refreshing water, without having to open the fridge door and let cold air out. The ultra-slim water dispenser is particularly convenient, as it takes up minimal space in the fridge door. The angled water delivery system is also a nice touch, as it makes it easy to fill up almost any size or shape of vessel.

Fresh ice is always available for you in a dedicated freezer bin. Simply turn it off when you need to free up freezer space, or during busy times, use the boost feature to increase ice production

Another feature that sets the Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUB6 apart is its ActiveSmart™ technology. This innovative technology constantly monitors and adjusts the fridge’s temperature to ensure that your food stays fresher for longer. This means that you can feel confident that your food is being stored in optimal conditions, and that you’re reducing waste by keeping food fresher for longer.

Cleaning up after any spills or messes is also a breeze with this fridge, thanks to its EZKleen feature. The anti-fingerprint coating and spill-safe secure glass shelves make it easy to wipe away any messes and keep the fridge looking clean and tidy. The fridge is also built to last, with robust, high-quality materials like real stainless steel and solid glass interior shelving.

One of the things that really sets Fisher & Paykel apart is their commitment to design and functionality. The brand’s products are designed with detail and durability in mind, and the RF540ADUB6 is no exception. The fridge features humidity control slides in each storage bin, which create a microclimate that helps keep food fresher for longer. The internal ice maker delivers fresh ice to a dedicated freezer bin, which you can turn off to free up freezer space or boost ice production by up to 30%.

The SmartTouch feature is another great addition, as it puts you in control of your fridge and freezer’s food mode. You can adjust the ice production, internal temperatures, and even set door alarms from the sophisticated and ergonomically convenient internal control panel. Plus, Fisher & Paykel appliances are designed to complement each other in both performance and style, so you can feel confident that your fridge will match the rest of your kitchen appliances.

Overall, the Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUB6 French-Door Fridge-Freezer in Black Steel is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stylish, practical, and durable fridge. With its beautiful design, flexible storage options, and innovative features, this fridge is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

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