Welcome to our online store!
Welcome to our online store!

Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer No Frost LNT6NE18S


  • Frost free
  • Automatic defrost in fridge
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 1 half width sliding door shelf
  • 3 full width door shelves including bottle shelf
  • 1 full width covered dairy compartment
  • 4 star freezer: Allows you to safely freeze fresh food and store frozen foods
  • Visual and acoustic high temperature alarm

The Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer No Frost LNT6NE18S is a great appliance for anyone looking to keep their food fresh for longer. It features TwinTech technology that keeps food 60% more hydrated than fridges with only one evaporator, ensuring that your food stays juicy and hydrated. Additionally, the Internal Electronic Control allows you to have precise control over the storage conditions of your food. The FastFreeze system freezes fresh foods quickly, which helps to maintain perfect texture, flavour, and all healthy qualities. 

The premium LED fridge lighting ensures excellent visibility in the fridge, and the discreet, energy-efficient bulbs shine a bright light across the whole fridge space. The FastFreeze system is an added advantage, which freezes fresh foods quickly, preserving their vitamins, textures, and flavours for longer. With this fridge freezer, you never need to defrost the freezer thanks to the TwinTech No Frost technology. This dual cooling system maintains ideal humidity, which keeps food from drying out. 

The LED indicators of the Internal Electronic Control conveniently show you the temperature and settings, removing any guesswork. This fridge freezer is an energy-efficient appliance that consumes ten times less energy than standard lighting. The dimensions of this fridge freezer are H1770 x W540 x D545


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