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Welcome to our online store!



  • 14 place settings – great for medium-sized households
  • The Push & Go button immediately starts an everyday cycle
  • 28-minute quick wash – great if you’re in a hurry
  • Cycle with powerful jet action removes burnt on food

The Indesit 14 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher – DIO3T131FEUK is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable option to keep their dishware clean and shiny. With a capacity of 14 place settings, it’s perfect for medium-sized households, and the Push & Wash button makes it easy to use. The Quick Wash program can clean your plates in just 28 minutes, and the Intensive Cycle can handle burnt-on food with ease.

One of the standout features of this dishwasher is its Super Silent operation, which ensures that it runs quietly without disturbing your peace. You’ll also appreciate the LED light projected on the floor, which indicates that the dishwasher is working.

The dishwasher comes with a third rack that adds greater loading capacity for your cutlery, and the Auto Door feature opens automatically for 25% better drying results. The Fast&Clean option provides Indesit’s most effective cleaning performance in just 28 minutes, while the (Auto) Intensive program offers the best cleaning results for stubborn, baked-on dirt.

The Tabs Option feature ensures that you get the best cleaning power from your tabs while reducing wastage. The eXtra Hygiene feature washes your items in the most hygienic way, while the Push&Go feature cleans and dries dishes with just one push. The dishwasher also has a stainless steel tub that adds durability and longevity.

Finally, the Delay Timer feature allows you to schedule your wash cycle for a time that suits you. Simply set the program, and your Indesit dishwasher will take care of the rest, making your life easier.

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