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Welcome to our online store!

Bosch Series 6 heat pump dryer 9 kg WQG245R9GB


  • Heat Pump drying technology for efficient energy use.
  • Self Cleaning Condenser: saves you time and effort by removing fluff.
  • Fast drying within 40 minutes, suitable for a small amount of synthetic and thin items.
  • Auto Dry: automatically dries to the exact level of dryness you want.
  • Half load option: optimises the drying settings (load and duration) for small loads.

The Bosch Series 6 heat pump dryer 9 kg is an energy-efficient and innovative drying solution that uses heat pump technology to heat air and dry your garments efficiently. The warm air is recirculated and reused in the drying cycle, which significantly reduces energy consumption and makes it gentle on your clothes. Additionally, the Bosch AutoDry technology continuously monitors the progress of your cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time to suit your load.

The heat pump dryer also features an automatic fluff-cleaning condenser that protects your clothing while remaining highly energy-efficient. Its SelfCleaning Condenser technology cleans the condenser automatically, up to four times during the drying process, maintaining top energy performance cycle after cycle. The dryer is designed to run efficiently while gently drying your clothes.

If you have a small load of light fabrics, the Quick 40′ drying feature is perfect for you. It guarantees fast drying, so you can wear your clothes immediately after the drying cycle is complete. The dryer can handle up to 9kg of clothes in a single cycle, and the Auto Dry feature will finish it to the exact level of dryness you want, from dry enough to iron to wardrobe dry. Sensors constantly measure heat and moisture to protect your clothes from high temperatures and overdrying, ensuring a perfect dry every time.

The dryer also features a half-load option that optimizes the drying settings for small loads, reducing energy consumption even further. Innovative Anti-Vibration side walls provide more stability and reduce vibrations, while enhanced insulation regulates noise levels, making Bosch dryers extremely quiet and durable.

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