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Welcome to our online store!

Bosch Condenser tumble dryer 8kg WTN83202GB


  • Condenser Dryer
  • Drying Capacity – 8KG
  • Energy Rating – B
  • AutoDry: gently dries laundry to precisely the degree of dryness you want

The Bosch Condenser tumble dryer 8kg WTN83202GB is an efficient and reliable dryer that offers a range of features to make your laundry routine easier. With Auto Dry, you can load up to 10kg of clothes in your dryer or washer-dryer, and the dryer will finish it to the exact level of dryness you want. The sensors constantly measure heat and moisture to protect your clothes from high temperatures and overdrying, ensuring you get the perfect dry every time.

The Sensitive Drying System is another feature that sets this dryer apart. It cares for your clothes by introducing mild, warm air from all sides, while the soft, curved paddles inside the drum ensure your clothes never lie flat, preventing creasing. The result is perfectly dried, soft and fluffy clothes, free from creases.

For those with allergies and sensitive skin, the Allergy Plus programme is ideal. Clothes that are not cleaned properly can often carry allergy particles that cause skin irritation. The Allergy Plus programme reduces as many allergens as possible, including pollen particles, animal hair, and dust mites, ensuring your clothes are cleaner and safer to wear.

The Quick 40 mins drying feature is perfect for those who need to dry a small volume of synthetic and thin clothing fast. In just 40 minutes, you can have your clothes dry and ready to wear. Overall, the Bosch Condenser tumble dryer 8kg WTN83202GB is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, feature-packed dryer that delivers great results every time.

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