Welcome to our online store!
Welcome to our online store!

Baumatic 60CM Fully Integrated Dishwasher BI3F53L0B


  • 13 place settings – great for medium-sized households
  • Cycle with powerful jet action removes burnt on food
  • Eco programme helps to saves energy, water and money
  • Dries efficiently with heat created during the wash
  • Dimensions (cm) – H82 x W59.8 x D55

The Baumatic 60CM Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher BI3F53L0B is an excellent choice for those who want a dishwasher that can handle heavy-duty cleaning. It’s perfect for homes with 3 to 4 people, and it can wash every spoon, pan, and plate in no time. The powerful jets inside can blast away even the most stubborn burnt-on mac and cheese.

If you’re working with a tight budget, the eco programme is a great option. It uses less energy and water while still delivering excellent performance. Plus, the heat from the wash is used to dry your dishes, so there’s no need to grab a tea towel.

The height-adjustable upper basket is flexible to your everyday needs. You can easily adjust its height to make room for larger dishes in the bottom basket, helping you load your dishwasher more efficiently.

The Quick Wash programme is perfect for when you’re short on time. It can wash and dry a full load of dishes in just 29 minutes, using a residual heat drying method at the end of the cycle. This handy programme significantly reduces washing and drying time without compromising on performance.

For easier and more flexible loading, the removable sliding cutlery basket can slide along the width of the dishwasher. You can also remove it completely to create extra room for your larger dishes, pans, and bowls. Overall, the Baumatic 60CM Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher BI3F53L0B is a great appliance that can make your life easier.

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